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A note from Marybeth: The Greatest Gift

It’s now 11 years since I found myself on the front lines of cancer – I entered this second decade of my saved life a few weeks ago, and thinking about the enormous gift of time I’ve been given made me remember the last installment of the blog I did when my 7 year anniversary […]

Ten Years After | ” Serenity’s Song”

Kicking back, chilling out, taking it easy… anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis will hear multiple times from many different sources how important it is to relax and de-stress, but talking that talk is oftentimes much easier than walking that walk. After all, ours is not the most relaxed society on earth. Keeping up at […]

Ten Years After | “Letting Go”

There’s nothing like cancer to bring the elements of life into clear focus. Priorities become very clear, and extraneous thoughts and actions are as easy to toss away as a seashell into the water. In my own life, throwing things away did not come easily. I had no trouble getting rid of things I no […]

Holiday Healthy – Written by Vicki DeRosa

“From what I’ve heard, the holiday season is a time when most people worry about blowing their diet. The month of December is full of holiday parties for work, friends and family that generally involve rich and often incredibly unhealthy foods. We all have at the very least one meal or party to got to […]

Ten Years After | “Taken’ It Easy”

“Have Patience with all things but, first of all, with yourself.” – Saint Francis De Sales When it comes to children, or dogs, or the elderly, I have always possessed a large reservoir of patience. Letting my son dress himself at the age of two, even though it took five times longer than it would […]

Ten Years After | “The Sound of Silence”

After Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls was published, I suddenly found myself talking to people all over the country who were dealing with cancer. Debbie and I had a radio show, did television and press interviews, volunteered at charity events gave keynote speeches on how to feel good and look better while fighting the big […]

Best Books of 2014!

      Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls has been chosen as one of Amazon Editors’ Favorite Books of the Year! You can order the book here And view it here on Amazon More About Amazon.com’s Best Books of 2014 All year, Amazon.com’s editorial team reads with an eye for the Best Books of the […]

Ten Years After | “Being Number One”

One of the experts in Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls, massage therapist Gayle McDonald, provides this parting pearl of wisdom for the readers – Throw out everything in your life that you don’t need and isn’t working. Draining friends, needing to have your house spotless, being president of the PTA – if it’s too much […]

Ten Years After

“Do you think I can remember what grade I got on a test ten years ago?” the sixth grade teacher demanded of her honor students, who were collectively freaking out over the poor exam grades we’d all received. I was 12 at the time, and I never forgot that moment. I guess what struck me […]

We’re back!

Hey Everyone, Happy Friday! We’ve been quiet for a while, but we are back with a great blog series coming your way! Stay tuned for more stories from Marybeth. Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!