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Author Archives: Marybeth

My New Boobs Series | “DIEP Disappointment”

Once I had discovered the DIEP breast reconstruction option, my next hurdle was finding a surgeon who could successfully accomplish this very delicate surgery. I couldn’t find anyone within my insurance’s mandated 50-mile-from-home radius, so I booked a consultation with one of the few doctors in the Northeast who had lots of experience with the […]

My New Boobs Series | “Boob Beauty”

After seven months of chemo, my cancer treatment was complete and I moved on to the next action item on my list, picking out new boobs. My oncologist advised me to take no more than six weeks, as that was the recovery period usually set aside for breast cancer patients to come back from the […]

My New Boobs Series | “Whatta Mess!!!”

On September 27, 2004 – just 12 days after that weather graphic led to me finding my first lump, Bruce and I were on our way to NY Hospital for what we thought was an early morning surgery. We had been told to arrive at six a.m. so we left our house in NJ around […]

My New Boobs Series | “Fateful Discovery”

Only days before learning my breasts and I were destined to part company, the notion that my world could fall out of its steady orbit would have struck me as impossible. It was September 15, 2004.  My two-year-old son was playing outside with his 17- year-old brother.  My husband was relaxing on the sofa, having […]

My New Boobs Series | “Off With Them!”

Color me crazy, but when I learned that double mastectomies were in my immediate future, one of the first thoughts I had was “new boobs covered by insurance – cool!” I say ‘one of the first thoughts’ because I was simultaneously staring at the man delivering this news to me – a robust Jewish radiologist […]

My New Boobs

After blogging for more than a year about cancer and the treatment required to get it out of my life, there wasn’t much more I felt I could contribute to the lexicon of personal insights regarding this most dreaded topic. But when it came to my particular diagnosis and treatment, there was one more journey […]

The Best Medicine

In the months since Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls has been released, Debbie and I have spoken to hundreds – maybe even thousands – of women facing cancer treatment.  While each experience is as unique as the patient dealing with disease, one thing never seems to change:  the eagerness of all these women to reach […]


Cancer is not a blessing. No one who receives that dreadful diagnosis reacts by thinking how lucky they are to have this disease. While the truth of illness in our bodies can be devastating, many of the events and emotions that come into play during treatment can reveal to us the beauty of our lives […]

Giving Thanks

Walking home from church one Sunday, my son ran ahead of my husband and me, kicking his way through the fallen leaves gathered along the sidewalk, eager to get home and see the opening NFL kick offs. Suddenly he came to an abrupt halt and began studying a tall vine spouting clusters of deep purple […]

Learning to Live — Again!

Quick, name three things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet gotten to! Renting a villa in Tuscany for the summer, driving the Almafi coast with my husband and sitting in with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have been long time goals I’ve yet to reach and — especially that last one […]