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Gift-giving time — On air with BP4CG

It’s gift-giving time of year, and many chemo girls may find themselves wondering what to ask for when friends and relatives wonder what they would like to receive – leaving those who want to make a difference and show they care very few clues about how to make their holiday present truly special.

That’s why Marybeth and Debbie asked skin consultant and philanthropist Krista Olsen Dibsie and Fashion stylist and interior designer Francine DeMarco to join us on the air Sunday December 19 to discuss all the fun, interesting, necessary and pleasing gifts chemo girls will enjoy.

So download the podcast and get great ideas, important insight and specific suggestions on what you can do or buy for both the patient and her family — then make your list, check it twice and make your present especially nice!

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    You appear to be very professional in the manner you

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