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BP4CG On the Air – 12/12/10

With holiday parties now in full swing, it’s hard to make it across the room without finding someone holding a camera or video recorder, ready to document and preserve the fun on film or tape.

But if you’re going through chemotherapy, instead of smiling and saying cheese, you may see a camera and want to hide. It’s not easy to be festive and confident when you’re dealing with drastic changes to the way you look and feel, so we thought the best thing we could do for our sisters in need is to give them some expert advice to help them face the camera and the world with grace and style.

Listen to fashion designers Christine DeAngelo and Henry Picado, and Esthetician and makeup artist Sue Perez give chemo girls some great advice on what to wear, how to accessorize and how to care for your skin and face so that you can be your own personal best no matter what side effects chemo is creating.

Click here to listen to the podcast!

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