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Insurance Mandates for Breast Cancer Screening

Corzine Meets With Breast Cancer Survivors

Because it’s October, much of the public conversation around cancer concentrates on the breast. While Debbie and I know that the “c” word is terrifying no matter where in the body it’s found, we also celebrate the focus so many have placed on Breast Cancer, which is one of the most prevalent forms of this dread disease to strike women. In this clip, 12 breast cancer survivors, including me, talk one-on-one with NJ Governor Jon Corzine about the importance of mandating insurance companies offering coverage in the Garden State to cover mammograms.

This issue has become a hotbed of opinion in many states, as the health care reform debate moves from the television airwaves to the US Senate floor. What do you think about insurance mandates for breast cancer screening? Should they be encouraged, enforced or abandoned? What about other screening methods for cancer — should these be a basic part of any policy written for women? Please weigh in on this important and very timely issue!

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