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Our interview with Amy Gibson -Soap Opera Star, Cancer Hair Loss Consultant, National Hair Loss Spokesperson, and Innovative Wig Designer!

It was a pleasure to interview Amy Gibson, who contributed to our book. Amy shared her amazing story from being an Emmy nominated Hollywood soap star to being effected by Alopecia at the tender age of 13 1/2, which she had to keep secret throughout her 20 years starring in television. Now she shares her […]

My New Boobs Series | “The Greatest Gift”

My new boobs and I have been living together for many years now. They are very much a part of me, to the point where sometimes I forget what an arduous journey it was to get them. I can also declare with complete honesty that having cancer was not such a bad thing after all. […]

My New Boobs Series | “A Full Figured Girl”

There were a couple of funny things that happened once my reconstruction was over. My original breast surgeon, who declared me crazy for deciding to have my breasts removed, turned out to be wrong in every way that mattered. As life would have it, my left boob tissue, which looked healthy enough on the operating […]

My New Boobs Series | “Boobs Up”

It took nine months to fill the expanders, swap them out for implants and have new nipples grafted into place, but by February of 2006, I had my new boobs. Everything I had been dreading and knew would be a challenge was just what I expected: schlepping into the City for saline infusions, dealing with […]

My New Boobs Series | “Epic Fail”

Memorial Day weekend 2005 found me heading away from the Jersey Shore to Manhattan, where my surgeons waited to perform double mastectomies and my coveted DIEP flap reconstruction. Now, the thing about the DIEP that is really challenging is that it’s a long surgery. There can be complications, and success is not guaranteed. Not a […]

My New Boobs Series | “Finding Dr. DIEP”

About a week after we’d left the Long Island doctors office, his booking secretary called me, cheerily inquiring as to where she should mail the billing papers so that we could move forward with the DIEP surgery. “We’re not moving forward,” I told her. “You’re not having mastectomies?” she asked, sounding horrified. “Sure I am,” […]

My New Boobs Series | “DIEP Disappointment”

Once I had discovered the DIEP breast reconstruction option, my next hurdle was finding a surgeon who could successfully accomplish this very delicate surgery. I couldn’t find anyone within my insurance’s mandated 50-mile-from-home radius, so I booked a consultation with one of the few doctors in the Northeast who had lots of experience with the […]

My New Boobs Series | “Boob Beauty”

After seven months of chemo, my cancer treatment was complete and I moved on to the next action item on my list, picking out new boobs. My oncologist advised me to take no more than six weeks, as that was the recovery period usually set aside for breast cancer patients to come back from the […]

My New Boobs Series | “Whatta Mess!!!”

On September 27, 2004 – just 12 days after that weather graphic led to me finding my first lump, Bruce and I were on our way to NY Hospital for what we thought was an early morning surgery. We had been told to arrive at six a.m. so we left our house in NJ around […]

My New Boobs Series | “Fateful Discovery”

Only days before learning my breasts and I were destined to part company, the notion that my world could fall out of its steady orbit would have struck me as impossible. It was September 15, 2004.  My two-year-old son was playing outside with his 17- year-old brother.  My husband was relaxing on the sofa, having […]