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Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Hello Everyone,

Please read this and pass it along to as many people as you can.
You may just save a life.

My name is Joan Mantone. I am 49 and the mother of twin, ten year old girls. It has been one year since my surgery and diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I have been through chemotherapy, tests, doctor’s visits and a lot of soul searching. Over the journey of the last year I have met many cancer survivors and all of their stories are both inspirational and heart wrenching. The key is that they are Survivors.

In order to have more Survivors we need continued research and vigilance against this disease.

Ovarian Cancer more often than not goes undetected until it is advanced. Women need to be familiar with the symptoms and the risk factors.

In my case I had endometriosis and underwent fertility treatments ten years prior to my first symptoms.

I have spoken with several other women who underwent fertility treatments and also were diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.

The incubation period is very long. Initial studies that were conducted did not follow the subjects long enough. A recent study conducted in Europe concluded that IVF does increase a woman’s chances of contracting Ovarian Cancer.

Some other risk factors are heredity (from either mother or father’s side)
Never using birth control pills
Never having children

Symptoms can include abdomen distension, gastrointestinal changes, tiredness, pain in the groin and abdomen.

Not everyone may experience all of these symptoms. Please visit the National Ovarian Cancer Alliance website (www.ovariancancer.org) for more information regarding risk factors and symptoms. Be sure to visit your gynecologist for an annual exam and if you have risk factors make sure your doctor orders appropriate testing immediately.

Not every woman that undergoes fertility treatments will get cancer BUT every woman who is considering fertility treatments should be made aware of the potential risks. This should be front page news as now that insurance covers these treatments many more woman have these treatments available to them.

An early detection test does not currently exist but with more research hopefully one will be developed.

Please remember to wear the color teal on February 29th for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day.

My hope is that more women’s lives will be saved and that this disease can one day be eradicated.

Thank you,
Joan Mantone

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  1. December 12, 2015 at 3:42 am | Permalink

    thank you for awaring for ovarian cancer

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