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BP4CG & The Beauty Foundation

When Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls was a book-in-the-making, Debbie and I met a group of ladies dedicated to easing the burdens facing chemotherapy patients. Their not- for-profit organization, The Beauty Foundation, focused as we did on providing hands-on help for women with cancer, aiming to make the long days of treatment a little easier to bear.

Since that introduction in 2008, Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls and The Beauty Foundation have worked together to directly and positively impact individuals and families facing cancer. At events for chemo girls, on the air with our radio show, and when speaking at fundraisers, our mutual message to those on the cancer journey – that you are not alone – that help is here for you – continues to make a difference every day.

The Beauty Foundation provides financial assistance to individuals and families dealing with cancer. Since 2007, they have helped 125 families with everything from childcare and transportation to cleaning services, groceries, and cash to cover the never-ending onslaught of bills.

They also give all their women grantees a copy of Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls, spreading the knowledge we gathered in its pages and delivering it no cost right into a chemo sister’s hand.

Each of their grant winners has a story to tell. We are honored to offer them another venue in which to share the experiences and emotions of those with whom we share a deep bond: people fighting cancer, and those who love and support them.

We welcome The Beauty Foundation to the Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls blog, and invite our fans and visitors to come back each month to receive another dose of the insight and inspiration these brave and beautiful cancer warriors have to offer.

To learn more about The Beauty Foundation, please visit them at www.beautyfoundationnj.com

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