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Let’s talk about your skin! – Written by Sue Perez

Skin reactions to drug therapies are very common. Let’s talk about some of the best ingredients and some things you can do to improve your skins texture and make it feel less dry…

Exfoliation using manual/ physical products like face scrubs, also, some cleansers now contain ingredients like salicylic acid or jojoba/almond spherical beads to gently rid the surface of these dead unwanted skin cells. As we age,  skin takes longer to renew. New cell turnover happen every 28 days in your 20’s to every 48 – 60 days in your 40’s  and 50’s. You can help shed those cells so you improve the skins natural cell turnover rate just by exfoliating!

TIP- use a warm wet, washcloth…GENTLY, out of the shower.

Moisturize, Hydrate, Brighten, Protect! The basic function of moisturizers is to prevent water loss but there’s a difference between moisturizers and ointments. Ointments act more as a barrier and protect the skin from the elements, but they do little to hydrate. Look for high performance ingredients and delivery systems, these creams may cost more, but are more effective.

Look for High Performance ingredients like Grapeseed and Green Tea extracts, Vitamins A, C, E, Hylauronic Acid, Zinc Oxide and Aloe Leaf extract. TIP-use moisturizer on damp or wet skin. Water acts as a conduit to help the treatment absorb more deeply. You also use less!

DID YOU KNOW Grapeseed extract is a natural brightener and excellent to lighten pigmentation of the skin. Green Tea is a powerful anti oxidant that protects against cellular damage. Vitamins are preservatives but in higher end treatments have higher percentages and cellular metabolism benefits. Zinc Oxide is a highly effective sunscreen and vital in preventing future sun damage to the skin.

Aloe is calming and reduces inflammation in the skin and Hylauronic acid binds 1000 X its weight in water making this an important result oriented ingredient to look for.

Photosensitivity You may have reactions to your skin when you take certain doses of a particular medication combined with sun exposure, IE: Retin-A, Acutane. In most cases it takes anywhere between 5-20 hours for you to see a sunburn or in some cases blistering, peeling swelling. TIP– If you were able to tan previous to Chemo, that does not mean you won’t have a reaction to exposure, wear sunscreen (spf 30) and definitely avoid the Tanning Salons.

Serums Nolonger aspecialty product serums are used to increase radiance and improve the appearance of the skin quickly. OTC brands may sell for as little as  $21.99, but the ingrediants are not nearly high performance. delivery system to ensure direct and complete delivery of vitamin C, resulting in the highest levels of collagen and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines AND discoloration. Stay-C 50, a multi-functional vitamin C derivative found in Cellular Laboratories De-Aging C Serum, supports the normal production of collagen and elastin both necessary for soft, uniform and luminous skin.. And who doesn’t want that at every age?

Get a monthly facial!- Drug store brands do not have the same high performance ingredients as some spa brands and are nothing like what professional licensed Estheticians’ use. Just make sure that you check with your oncologist or doctor to make sure you don’t have any contraindications. Facials move Lymph and help the skin detox and look radiant! I especially enjoy treating my clients who have acne with soothing and calming facials and treat the skin gently before and after extractions. Next month I will be updating Beauty Lines with some great spas in New York for services.

You can join my mailing lists for great deals happening locally in the NY Metro Area for spa, salon and makeup events at www.sueperez.com

Sue Perez

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