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“Do what makes you happy” – Written by Geri Mazur

I met Debbie Kiederer a few weeks ago and over coffee she asked me to write a guest blog. I said “What do I know? I’m a business coach…I write about marketing.” But then she asked me what I would tell someone who was invited somewhere, but was feeling crappy and didn’t want to go. I thought about it for a second and replied, “I would tell them not to go”.

Twenty-five years ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Relatively minor in the world of cancer, but mine had spread to lymph nodes on both sides of my neck. Out came the entire thyroid and all those lymph nodes with it. Complications from the surgery kept me on tons of meds for almost a year. Today I still wake up and take five pills for those complications. But those first few years were hell. I wanted to believe everything was normal when it really wasn’t. The folks around me wanted to believe it even more than I did. And so I did my best to do all the things I would normally do…even when I didn’t want to. I went back to work too fast. I went out of town on vacation too fast. I went out with my friends when I was scared and tired and really wanted to stay home and put my head under the blankies. And when I look back, I wish I hadn’t.

I’ve been trained as a Co-Active coach. And the first principle in this school of coaching is that the client is creative, resourceful and whole. I will never assume I know better than my clients about what is right for them in their lives. I might help them make a conscious decision…and try to help them understand the consequences of their actions, but once they get that, then the decision to do or not to do something is entirely their own.

I always think the best thing to do…in any situation… is to work with what is. Cancer takes an enormous physical and emotional toll. Denial doesn’t help…and only makes things worse later on. But once we acknowledge how hard cancer is and accept that fact, it just actually may become easier to deal with. And way easier than fighting reality.

And so for that person who was feeling crappy and didn’t want to go…. If you’re like me, there’s a part of you that wants to go and another part that doesn’t . Figure out which part is the bigger part…which part will make you happier. Understand the consequences of your actions. And just do what you want.

Geri Mazur has more than 30 years experience moving people, products and brands forward. She combines strong business acumen with life coaching expertise to ensure clients get more of the good things in their lives. She has held a number of senior strategic management positions in marketing, communications and advertising, working with such well-known brands as P & G, sanofi-aventis and Pfizer. She has successfully positioned brands and companies of all sizes for growth in highly competitive markets. In addition to her extensive business experience, she is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute, one of the few programs certified by the International Coach Federation, the largest worldwide resource for coaching and coaches. With a combination of insight and intuition, keen understanding of human nature, and practical business marketing and communications skills, Geri helps her clients see what to focus on to ensure continued success.

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