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Hats off to the Hat Box Foundation!

hat-box-foundationClare Emily was just another young girl enjoying her life when bone cancer turned her world upside down.  The very idea of losing her long hair to chemotherapy treatment was as awful for Clare Emily as it would be for any girl, and the hats her mom found to cover her baldness were too itchy or too thin to be comfortable.  That’s when Julie Abdallah decided to help.   Putting her skills to work, Julie hand-knitted a beautiful hat for her friend’s daughter and placed it in a cute little box.

The package was so well received, Julie and her three sisters decided to do what they could to help others facing illness-related baldness and started the Hat Box Foundation, to help brighten the lives of cancer patients and others in need.

“While we don’t have a cure, we believe something made from the heart can help heal the human spirit,” Julie says.

Hospitals across the country agree.  Since 2007 the Foundation has distributed 100% hand-knitted or crocheted caps to thousands of well deserving recipients.  Each hat is donated by volunteers who create unique, one of a kind gifts which are distributed free of charge to men women and children looking for ways to remain stylish and comfortable while they cope with hair loss.

Each hat is imbued with the compassion and kindness of those who may not know the patient, but wish to do something meaningful and important for those in need.

The Hat Box Foundation continually searches for volunteers to make caps, and sponsors to help offset the cost of packaging and delivery.  Are you handy with a knitting or crochet needle?  Consider donating your talents to this wonderful organization.  Go to www.hatboxfoundation.org and see how your hands and heart can warm the soul of a chemo girl in need.

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