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Fashion Shows the Love!

Chemotherapy patients will feel the love this week, as designers, makeup artists, stylists and friends join Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their first-ever chemo girl makeover fashion show.

Streaming live from the penthouse at the Roger Smith Hotel in midtown Manhattan, the Thursday night gala will take the expert advice provided in the book and community website www.beautypearlsforchemogirls.com and apply it to three chemo girls, who will receive makeovers from Henry Picado, lead designer at Aidan Mattox; contributing designer Christine DeAngelo and on makeup, Shiseido’s own Louis Philippe.

Cameras will follow the chemo girls as they go off for their transformation, while below cocktail party guests will enjoy the music of rapper M.Island, who will perform a new song written for his mother, a cancer survivor. All action will be streamed live to the hotel’s website and street level gallery on 51st Street and Lexington Avenue.

“I love the idea of women being strong and beautiful as they face the difficulties of cancer,” says Henry Picado. “And especially on Valentine’s Day, I want to show these beautiful ladies that they are loved and they are still fabulous no matter what cancer treatment may be doing to them.”

Each guest will receive a signed copy of Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls, and offerings sponsors Aidan Mattox, Shiseido Cosmetics, Fifth Avenue Chocolates, Bella Bags, Colorific Shoes and Honora Pearls.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Noel Foundation, a CT based not-for-profit dedicated to offering direct assistance to women undergoing cancer treatment.

Click here to see the online invitation: www.beautypearlsforchemogirls.eventbrite.com

For more information or to obtain a press pass for the event please contact Marybeth Maida: Marybeth@beautypearlsforchemogirls.com or 732-778-2090.

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