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Giving Thanks

Walking home from church one Sunday, my son ran ahead of my husband and me, kicking his way through the fallen leaves gathered along the sidewalk, eager to get home and see the opening NFL kick offs. Suddenly he came to an abrupt halt and began studying a tall vine spouting clusters of deep purple berries glistening in the late autumn sun.

They were gorgeous, and as we took a moment to admire this last burst of natural beauty before the trees fell into their winter sleep, I was struck once again by how lucky we are to be alive, and able to enjoy these moments of quiet wonder.

Since this is the season to reflect on the earth’s many blessings, Debbie and I would like you to know how grateful we are for the amazing experiences we have enjoyed in since the release of our book.

The patients, survivors and supporters we’ve met at our signings, discussions, workshops and charity events have been truly inspirational for us. Their generosity of spirit, their strength, courage and determination has created an overwhelming sense of purpose for us. Leading conversations about a woman’s chemo experience might have been awkward or difficult, yet at every stop along the way we have found ourselves laughing with our audiences, sharing anecdotes and ideas and as a group creating a circle of friendship that resonates long after the evening has ended.

So while we give thanks for our lives and health, our families and friends, on this, the first Thanksgiving since our book was published, we also give thanks to the chemo girls and supporters who have shown us through your wonderful reviews and steadfast encouragement that our message and our mission really can make a difference in many people’s lives.

We so appreciated this opportunity to contribute to the well being of women facing a very difficult time. We thank you for joining our community and send you our deepest, warmest and brightest wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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