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Cancer Screenings

As questions regarding routine cancer screenings continue to be raised in the media, mammograms have taken center stage. While not perfect, they are believed to reduce the odds of breast cancer fatality by up to 24%; yet some doctors are now questioning whether or not yearly mammogram screening is necessary in women under 40.

As a woman without a single risk indicator, I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer at 43. I found my tumor with my fingers. An emergency mammogram revealed the lump was suspicious, and ultrasound and biopsy confirmed malignancy. Had I not gone for the screening, I am not sure how far my cancer would have spread before I was able to confirm its existence and have it surgically removed and treated via chemotherapy.

My personal story makes me a firm believer in cancer screenings. Reading this article, however, I’m not sure if I would be as strongly in favor of the procedures, had cancer not yet come into my life. What do you think about screenings? Do you ask the men in your life to go for prostate tests? Do you have mammograms and pap smears? What do you think of this latest conversation about preventative measures and what will you teach the girls in your life to do when it comes to these yearly tests?

“Quandary With Mammograms: Get a Screening, or Just Skip It? “

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