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Free Chapter – Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As a way to say thank you for visiting our site, and in honor of the 25th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re pleased to offer you at no charge “A Girl Thing” – one of the many chapters we’ve assembled in the hopes of making your chemo journey an easier path to travel.

When Debbie and I began to envision the online community we would build around our book, we believed that one of the most important features we could offer would be the opportunity to buy a chapter, or the whole book, as a download.

We both knew that while the book itself would make a great gift, for many chemo girls, the entire process of getting dressed, going to the store and making a purchase might be overwhelming. While receiving our book from a treasured supporter would be a wonderful present, we also wanted to make sure our sisters in need had a way to get the information we’d collected in a way that satisfied their understandable need for privacy and confidentiality.

You may be a woman whose chemo will not induce hair loss, and will never need to know the ins and outs of buying a wig – yet deeply wish to understand how to assemble a medical team or nourish your body. Conversely, those who are facing total hair loss may care only about how to manage being bald.

Whatever your particular needs are, we hope you’ll consider purchasing the entire book or the chapters that speak to your particular concerns via our e-book offering. Every purchase will provide a donation to one of the charities we’ve listed on the purchase page, and provide you with the information and inspiration you seek.

We wish you every blessing and hope you enjoy and make use of the wonderful expert advice our amazing contributors have provided.

Click here to download Chapter 6 “A Girl Thing”

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