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A Pocket Guide to Getting Through – Written by Dr. Patricia Devine

As a physician, when I read literature, I want to know I’m hearing from experts – people who have reached the top of their fields and whose opinions and advice will be valuable to me.

As a cancer survivor, I remember wanting to understand what treatment was going to be like, yet at the same time fearing that information, though I know how empowering knowledge can be.

There is so much cancer information available online. Some of it is vetted. Some of it is not. When dealing with the overwhelming nature of a malignancy in my body, I did not have the time or inclination to search through hundreds of websites that may or may not have been vetted to find solutions to the various effects chemo was inflicting on my body, my family, my world.

That’s why, when I first read Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls, I was struck by how perfect a book it would have been for me during my chemotherapy. It’s filled with positive, encouraging, practical and well organized information delivered by people who are highly respected in their fields. Now, as I suggest this guide to patients or pass it along to fellow doctors, I’m struck by how happy it makes all of us to have this resource to give.

I deeply appreciate the time and attention the authors’ have paid to the serious matters surrounding treatment, such as assembling a medical team and maintaining emotional balance during the ups and downs of each day. As a gynecologist, I was particularly gratified to see a frank discussion of sexuality and the so-called “female issues,” which can be very difficult for a woman to discuss with anyone, even her doctor.

Seeking to give hope and courage to those who need it most, Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls uplifts and empowers women to be the best they can be during one of life’s toughest challenges.

I consider it a Pocket Guide to Getting Through – and encourage all those who are newly diagnosed to enjoy the overwhelming spirit of encouragement it presents on every uplifting page.

1 Comment to A Pocket Guide to Getting Through – Written by Dr. Patricia Devine

  1. Elizabeth's Gravatar Elizabeth
    October 9, 2009 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    I love it! Pocket Guide to Getting Through – what a great way to talk about this book!

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