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The Power of You

I was on the phone with a colleague recently, a lawyer and activist who throughout her life has been a mover, a shaker – and always in control.

There was something about her voice that day, a hesitancy that I couldn’t ignore.  So I asked if she was ok, and she nervously told me a health issue was causing her some alarm.  In that moment, I knew it was cancer.

So after we finished our business discussion, I took a breath and said, “You know, I’m a survivor.” Instantly, the floodgates opened.  She told me of the lump she’d found in her breast and of the confusion and fear taking over her once perfectly ordered world.

I listened to her story, gave her some insight into my own cancer battle, and pointed her to our website.  I told her to look around, and to reach out if she felt the need.  A few weeks later, she emailed me to let me know what a difference Beauty Pearls had already made in her life.  Reading our posts, she felt at home among friends.  Perusing the excerpts, she began to understand that this journey, scary as it might be, would end, and that she would be all right.

What she really appreciated was the practical advice we provided.  Inspiration was fine, she wrote, but information was what she needed – and after realizing that taking care of her face and body would help give her back some of the power she felt slipping away, she went to a department store, bought some new makeup and booked herself a facial.

These small steps may not seem life altering, but the very act of taking control of her situation, and seeking out ways to alleviate some of the side effects of treatment, made her realize that while cancer may be in her life, it doesn’t own her life.

She’s in charge – and so are you, because the greatest asset you have – your personal power – can never be taken away.

It belongs, completely and exclusively to you.

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