Welcome! We are honored to be able to offer this space for comfort, solace, camaraderie and advice to our sisters in need � and all of their family, friends and supporters. Thank you for joining us.
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Welcome to Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls

Three years ago, Debbie and I met for breakfast on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to talk in detail about an idea I had for a book. Having recently finished six months of chemo for bilateral breast cancer, I had not been able to find, either in bookstores or online, a single source for all the information I sought.

I had figured some woman would already have collected the wisdom a chemo girl would naturally seek when dealing with the sometimes devastating side effects of treatment. But back then, such a book hadn’t yet been written. So I decided that as soon as I was recovered from treatment, I would do the work myself.

Debbie immediately understood how important this project would be. Her cousin, and one of her college roommates, was fighting cancer. They needed the same guidance I had sought – and couldn’t find.

Together, we brainstormed what needed to be accomplished, and spent the next three years interviewing experts in wig care, skin care, body care, women’s issues, alternative medicine, nutrition, fashion and spirituality.

Today, we’re very proud to welcome you to Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls – the first-ever community dedicated to women who want to look and feel their best while they deal with the side effects of cancer treatment.

We believe that every woman dealing with cancer deserves to look and feel as close to normal as her energy and her spirit will allow. We are honored to be able to offer this space for comfort, solace, camaraderie and advice to our sisters in need – and all of their family, friends and supporters.

Thank you for joining us.

Marybeth Maida and Debbie Kiederer

3 Comments to Welcome to Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls

  1. linda rocco's Gravatar linda rocco
    August 26, 2009 at 7:17 am | Permalink

    My daughter, age 20 just finished her 5th round of chemo for breast cancer. She had a bilateral masectomy in May and as you now faces the challenge of dealing with her treatment everyday. When will the book be available? She desperately needs the advice now while trying to continue with college, wearing a wig and facing the possibility of now losing her eyebrows and eyelashes. Any quick tips now would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Jennifer's Gravatar Jennifer
    September 5, 2009 at 9:12 am | Permalink

    My friend gave me your book last night when we met for dinner. She said it wasnt even on the shelf yet at Barnes and Noble but she had read a review and enthusiastically wanted to buy it for me. I stayed up until 3 am reading it cover to cover!!! After reading your thoughts I know you both will understand when I say that I was blessed with the diagnosis of breast cancer 6 weeks ago. I am a 45 yr young divorced mom with 3 children. In the past 3 yrs I ended an 18 yr long marriage, i chose to close a business I worked to build for 15 yrs and I sold the home I lived in for 20 yrs. Major changes to say the least, but everyone has their own journey and this has been mine. I took the diagnosis of cancer humbly and systematically. After meeting with the breast specialist and hearing the diagnosis I got in the car with my 3 kids and went straight to the tattoo parlor!!!! Pink ribbons for all!!! Since July 16, 2009 I’ve endured a masectomy, axillary node dissection and have begun reconstruction. I’m healing and doing well. My ROAD BLOCK is the fact that in 3 wks I begin CHEMOTHERAPY!!! I am terrified. My mind doesnt comprehend that I am supposed to “get” the fact that this poison will help me. Well,well,well, God delivers in indirect ways! Your book is the first thing that I have read that has cracked the wall in my thinking, this morning I say, OK I can do this! Thanks to the compassion, personal testaments, knowledge from your experts, easy to understand writing and practical suggestions! I am crying with relief. The compassion that emanates from your pages are soothing and healing and I cannot thank you enough for writing this book!

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